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New TurboCAD 2019 Professional / Platinum

TurboCAD 2019 Professional / PlatinumTurboCAD is an easy-to-use program that allows you to get additional tools for developing 2D and 3D models, as well as to detail, model and visualize them. The advantage of this product is a large number of, stand out a few, namely, the speed of processing and work in general, you will get full control over your model, get flexible tools for editing. In addition, you will get a large set of special, architectural additions, such as windows, doors, stairs, rails, slabs, and so on, you will be able to connect the walls, create graphics and perform other operations. You can download free of charge from our TurboCAD website, the program has a large set of mechanical tools, they will help you to create and process sketches, and thanks to the updated tool working with the surface, you will be able to create professional 3D-models.On the whole, I will list all the advantages of the program once again: extended tools for architectural design, extended tools for model modification, a new tool for UV-conversion, the ability to create a smooth surface.Features:Powerful UI & Performance3D Surface and Solid ModelingAdvanced Part TreeInteroperability / File SupportArchitectural & GIS2D Geometric and Dimensional ConstraintsDrafting PaletteCustomize Ribbon Interface4K monitor supportSelect similar objectsConstruct SimilarRedSDK to Lightworks converter improvementsFBX FilterSTL Filter – 3D Print CheckACIS®-Based Solid Modeling TurboCAD Pro Platinum provides you with ACIS Solid modelling engine. Make your models realistic with solid objects that have volume and shape as well as a framework, skin (set of surfaces) encasing the framework, and inner “body”.Geo & Dimensional Constraints Make use of Smart Dimension tools that include parallel, orthogonal, rotated, and Auto Dimension tools to reliably display measurements of lines and angles.Part Tree/History Tree View and revise changes and modifications performed on individual objects, groups or blocks to assess your progress.Intelligent (Parametric) Architectural Objects Set parameters of your objects by easily selecting and conveniently modifying the specifications of your drawing.Advanced Mechanical Design Tools TurboCAD Pro Platinum employs a large selection of mechanical tools such as line, arc, and spline tools so that you have always got the right tools for the job.Programmable SDK & Ruby Scripting Use the SDK tools in the TurboCAD add-ons menu. Use the Ruby console to run functions, load Ruby scripts, or define new functions.

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