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New SoftwareNetz Cash Book 9.09

SoftwareNetz Cash BookSoftwareNetz Cash Book helps you control your expenses. Keep an eye on your expenses and control your budget more efficiently and clearly, with charts and other buns. If you ask yourself where your money goes each time? Renting, electricity, gasoline, food, clothing, and sometimes entertainment are not all that easy to remember, and when you record, at the end of the month you look at it all at once, and you can cry at the same time.Features:Unlimited amount of cash booksYou can open and manage as many different cash books as you like.Onlinebanking integratedBank mutations within the Cash Book can be booked completely automatically.The Cash Book has several possibilities to retriev the bank mutations: HBCI-banking (Germany), text import and a direct connection to the internet for PayPal-mutations.With the help of rules, the bank mutations are being analysed by the Cash Book and assigned to the appropriate booking account. This helps you to book your bank mutations within a few seconds.Datev-interface (Germany)With a mouse click the bookings are being exported into Datev-format. This file can be send to your accountant per email.Digitalise documentsThe new cash book offers you the possibility to add or scan a PDF-document to every booking. Just add a paid invoice, receipt etc. Years later you are still able to display the receipt and print it if necessary. Besides that you can print the monthly journal including the documents or save it as a single PDF-file.Profit and lossThe Cash Book will show you the profit and loss situation over a selected period.Additionally private revenues & costs of an one-man business can be taken into account.VATThe VAT-overview provides you with all neccessary information for your VAT-statement.Graphical statisticsSeveral graphical statistics and reports inform you about your financial situation.

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