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Corel Roxio Creator NXT Pro 6 Product Name: Corel Roxio Creator NXT Pro 6 License Variations: ProfessionalOS: Windows 7|8|10| 32-64 BitKey Usage: For 3 PCsValidity: LifetimeActivation: OnlineUpdate / Upgrades: Yes Tech Support: NoDelivery: Instant (Unique license key, download link, and instructions)Main Features:Roxio Creator NXT 6 is a powerful video editing software suite that enables you to become a moviemaker without having to move to Hollywood. Arming you with a multitude of editing tools and integrated audio and graphic programs, Roxio Creator NXT allows you to create beautiful, professional looking movies in 2D or 3D. Compatible with almost every video format, Roxio Creator NXT makes it easy for you to import your files, edit them and export your finished movie to most modern platforms such as Blu-ray and DVD, as well as files that will play on tablets, iPod, iPad and Android devices.Editing Tools Creator NXT uses its versatile VideoWave program for video editing. In this program, you trim your videos to the length you desire, edit the brightness, contrast and color parameters, fix shaky footage and even reduce or increase the speed of the clip. Then you can choose to add one or more of the 246 transitions between clips or use over 180 text and video effects to add production value to your movie. Prominent features in VideoWave are the Timeline and the Storyboard modes. Storyboard allows video editors to easily insert transitions between scenes, and it is perfect for making a slideshow. Timeline lets you adjust your clip lengths and view your whole project. Shifting between these two modes is seamless and makes it easy to arrange your clips, transitions and effects without worry.No movie would be complete without music or sound effects, and Roxio Creator NXT’s integrated sound editing software and library of 50 soundtracks give you complete control over your movie’s sound. Sound clips can be edited to change the clip length, clean up pops and hissing and adjust the volume. Roxio Creator NXT’s movie editing software allows you to import your own music and sounds, and it can even extract audio from videos or convert your music into different sound formats.Roxio Creator NXT includes Paintshop Pro as part of its software package. With Paintshop Pro you can edit photos and create vector graphics and overlays to use in VideoWave. Using this program in conjunction with VideoWave, you can really step up your film’s production value by sharpening still images for slideshows, creating titles and even making backgrounds for DVD menus. Another exciting feature is the ability to post your completed videos and photos from your media library to YouTube, Google+ or Facebook directly from the program.Importing Files Because it can import practically every format known, Roxio Creator NXT is one of the most flexible video editing programs we have tested and reviewed. Importing footage from your video camera is easy. When you connect your camera, a capture screen pops up and allows you to select the files you want to import. Roxio Creator NXT is compatible with professional and prosumer cameras and easily captures images with a USB or FireWire connection. Importing video files from your hard drive or memory card is done with the click of a button. The only drawback we found was the lack of support for FLV and RealVideo input.Exporting Files Roxio Creator NXT supports AVI, DV-AVI, HDV, MpPEG-1/2/4, MPEG-2 HD, WMV, WMV HD, AVC(H.264), AVCHD, 3GP, DivX, DivX Plus, 3D MPO and 3D side-by-side full and half-width, export formats. When you are ready to put your movie onto a Blu-ray Disc or DVD, Roxio Creator NXT smoothly sends your video project to MyDVD. MyDVD is easier to use than VideoWave, and it includes multiple menu templates you can customize. You can also choose to make a menu from scratch with your own images and sounds. Be aware that to make Blu-ray Discs with Roxio Creator NXT requires the purchase of a plug-in from Roxio’s site. The Blu-ray plug-in is included with the Roxio Creator NXT Pro edition.Ease of Use While Roxio Creator NXT is powerful and has more options than ever, there remains an issue of usability. There is a steep learning curve with this software, and it may discourage new users at first. The tools to do the job are there, but they are not as intuitive as we would have liked. Roxio addresses this issue with a user manual and the inclusion of a Learning Center, accessible from the program’s main screen. It features video tutorials with accompanying PDF downloads if you prefer to read. The video tutorials help immensely, and they are primarily aimed at beginners.The layout of the software is simple, bright and clean. Once you know where to look, the tools are readily available, and you will be able to make a quality movie quickly and effectively. For more advanced help, we found that the user-run community forums were helpful.Help & Support Technical and customer support for Roxio Creator NXT is handled by Roxio’s parent company, Corel. On the help page you will find links to a knowledgebase, community forums, FAQs that you can search by product and topic, as well as phone and email support. Tech support replied to our email questions within 24 hours with helpful and easy-to-understand answers.

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