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New Acoustica Premium Edition

Acoustica Premium EditionAcoustica Premium Edition is a professional program that allows high-level audio recording, editing and mastering. I would like to mention an intuitive interface in which it is pleasant to work. It was designed in such a way that you could quickly get used to it and get to work, gaining access to powerful tools. All the audio files that you have edited, you can immediately burn to CD, while you will have the opportunity to add to the track a variety of sound effects. Please note that the program supports operation with different acoustics from 5.1 to 7.1, and the maximum sampling rate is 384 kHz.You can customize the toolbar and menu, if you wish, you can use the cancel button for the action you performed, Acon Digital Media Acoustica gives you standard tools for editing the track, you can cut, copy, paste and edit tracks. There is no Russian support, but as was already written above, this is not a problem, it is still worth highlighting the low consumption of computer resources and an excellent result at the output.A wide range of high-quality audio instruments and effects are integrated into Acoustica Premium: tools for dynamic processing, leveling, numerous effects such as reverb, chorus and flanger, time stretching and a key transposition tool. The program will allow you to restore and edit records with distortion, noise, clicks, crash. Support for DirectX and VST plug-ins allows you to use tools and effects from other third-party manufacturers directly from Acoustica.Key features:• Record and playback through any compatible Windows (MIT) or ASIO compatible audio device• Support multi-channel editing up to 7.1• Supports sample rate up to 384 kHz and resolution up to 32 bits• Timer and input level of the started record• Automatic emulation software emulation• Customizable menus and toolbars• Cancellation or refund without restrictions• Ultra Fast Editing• Standard cut, copy, paste and mix editing• Drag and drop – editing by simply dragging the mouse• Support for tags and markers.• Cleaning Wizard• Different time formats, such as sample index, SMPTE, bars and bits• Tracks can be saved as separate files.Real-time analyzers• Visual peak level meter RMS indicators• FFT analyzer• phase correlator• Time displayAnalysis• Fourier spectrum• Fourier Spectrograms (2D, time-frequency-phase)• Wave sections (based on Morlache waves)• Statistics (RMS, DC offsets, volume peaks, etc.)• Automatic track splittingPlug-in Suites (integrated)• Studio Clean Audio Restoration (VST and DirectX)• Studio Time for increasing / reducing time and changing pitch (DirectX)• Studio Necessities for mastering and sound design (VST and DirectX)Tools and plugins• Effect Editor• Support DirectX ® Plug-Ins• Support VST Plug-Ins• Listening effects in real time• New Preset Manager allows you to save custom effects presets• High quality time stretching (Studio Time)• Freehand volume curves• Fade entrances and exits with four different curves• High quality format conversion• Oscillations and noises• Channel Mixer for stereo adjustmentAudio Restoration• Noise and crack removal (StudioDeclicker)• Noise reduction (StudioDenoiser) based on spectral subtraction• Automatic noise reduction does not require a separate noise profile analysis• Parametric equalizer with a graphic display of frequency characteristics• Synthesis of high-frequency components gives life to old records• Automatic removal of DC offsets• Stereo amplifier• StudioDeclipperEffects: StudioVerb, StudioDelay, StudioModulator – flanger, chorus and phases, StudioDynamics, StudioLimiter, StudioPitch, HarmonizerReading and writing files of the following formats:• Ogg Vorbis Format (OGG)• Wave audio format (wav)• Windows Media Audio (WMA)• MPEG Layer 3 (mp3)• Sun Audio Format (AU)Reads the following file formats:• AIFF (Macintosh audio files)Import audio tracks from the following video file formats:• MPEG Video (MPG or MPEG)• Windows Media Video (WMV)• Audio Video Interleave (AVI – may require additional codecs)Other• Support LAME codec (mp3) if installed• Editing file meta-information: name, MP3 format (ID3Tag), WAV and OGG.• Support ACID information• Preview button in the file open dialog